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Stop Spam Emails from Reaching Your Inbox

We at Edikon have been fighting spam restlessly for the past several years.  The ongoing battle has meant many an hour spent utilizing and configuring tools such as SpamAssassin, custom filtering rules, and the use of real time blocking lists.  These remedies have not been the most effective solution nor did they give our customers the type of control we wanted.  Also, sometimes we managed to be too aggressive with our spam filtering, and other times too soft.  But such is the life of system administrators!

During the past two months we tested a new anti-spam service called SpamExperts on our server cluster.   We worked closely with early adopter customers that had a large number of spam emails reaching their inboxes.  We asked these customers to simply enable SpamExperts from within the hosting control panel and to let us know their impressions of the number of spam emails they received.

The feedback we received was that SpamExperts has ended the days of them having to worry about spam reaching their inboxes!  In some cases, early adopters went from hundreds of spam emails a day to absolutely none.  In the month of August we saw that approximately 70% of all emails sent to our SpamExperts users was in-fact spam, with very few false positives reported.

Therefore, today we are happy to announce the general availability of the SpamExperts solution to stop spam emails from reaching your inbox.  All our shared and enterprise hosting plans have the SpamExperts option available for those that wish to enable the service.

The price for the SpamExperts spam solution is $2 per month, or $24 per year, per domain.

To enable SpamExperts, simple login to your account and click on the SpamExperts icon.  Upon clicking the icon you will be brought to the management page and have the ability to login to our SpamExperts interface where you can customize several options for each enabled domain.  We recommend that you simply enable SpamExperts and leave it be before you perform any customizations.

Once enabled all email sent to your domain first passes through SpamExperts servers.  If it finds the email sent to you has no spam it then passes it along to your account.  If it finds the email was in fact spam then it quarantines it which is viewable from our SpamExperts panel.  This allows you to if necessary teach the system an email that was flagged as spam was in fact not spam.  No longer will there be any question about an email that was marked as spam since you can retrieve any quarantined emails if necessary.

We’re confident that our partnership with SpamExperts is going to benefit all of our current and future customers greatly.  Email is a big part of the internet and every spam email you have to delete yourself hurts your productivity.  The question of whether an email arrived in a users inbox is something you should never have to worry about.  With all that being said we continue to work with SpamExperts on improvements and welcome any customer feedback.

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