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Service Improvements for August 2014

It’s been a long time since we’ve made any significant changes to our services, but over the last few months we have been working to improve things for our customers. We have made several changes that I am excited to share with you as follows:

Web Site

As you may have noticed, we recently updated our web site at www.edikon.com. The site is meant to be easier to navigate and understand, while emphasizing the powerful features we offer our customers. We have also included testimonials that many of our customers have shared with us in the past so that new customers can read what it’s like to host with us. We always welcome new testimonials, so please reach out if you also want to see your name in lights!

Help Center

We have updated the way you access and interact with our technical support, billing, and sales teams by reverting back to our helpdesk run by our friends at Tender. We are truly committed to offer the best support possible and after studying the results of several months worth of trouble tickets and communications we realized that Tender was allowing us to offer faster response times, better internal communication, and ultimately a better customer experience.


We have installed a software called CloudLinux on all of our shared servers, which allows us to set real-time account limits on resources such as the CPU(s) and physical memory. The purpose of the software is to prevent a single account from causing performance issues on the server by consuming all of the resources, leaving none for everyone else. This should improve performance for all sites because more CPU and memory will be more equitably available to all.

Multiple PHP Versions

We have been contacted by users asking when we are going to provide support for PHP 5.4 or even 5.5 and higher. Because of the nature of shared hosting we try to avoid upgrading PHP to major versions as these could disrupt existing websites that rely on older versions, and may not be compatible with the changes made in newer revisions.

To combat this we have now deployed a PHP selector across all of our servers. This allows you within the control panel to choose the PHP version you want to use for your account or particular domain. No longer are you restricted by the PHP version we run by default. You can now choose from between PHP 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, and 5.5!

Global SSH Access

All users on shared and enterprise hosting plans have the ability to request SSH access by default. Simply login to your control panel and access the FTP Manager tool. There you will be able to request SSH and one of our support engineers will quickly enable your account.

There is one caveat: we have disabled password-based logins via SSH and will strictly require that you provide us with a public SSH key in order to login.

In the future, we plan to also limit FTP access to our servers using SFTP. We will notify you of this change when the time comes.

Increased Security

We have implemented a Cage File System “CageFS” which works to further isolate accounts from each other. This provides a significant layer of security on shared hosting and can help reduce cross-account attacks.


We have more changes planned for the near future, but for now we hope the above will prove beneficial and advantageous to you all. We try to take all feedback we receive and where possible change our service for the better.

Please stay tuned for knowledge base entries explaining each one of the above items in detail.

If you are experiencing any issues with any of the above new features, or wish to discuss anything contained within this post, please get in touch with us via support ticket or give us feedback.

Thank you very much for choosing Edikon.

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