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Search Engine Optimization – If You Optimize, They Will Come

Today’s consumer is eager to find their goods and services online. Many customers even base their purchasing decisions on the availability, quality, and ease of a company’s site. According to Business on Main, there are 10 questions that weigh heavily on the minds of potential customers while they peruse your site. If you fail to miss the mark on one, you may lose that sale.

  1. What makes your business unique? What is your area of expertise? How long have you been in business?
  2. Are the services or products that your company offers clear? Even if your business must be concerned about your competitors spying on your site, you must find a balance between protecting your interests and communicating with your client.
  3. Where and how can your business be reached? A website should clearly display emails, phone numbers, physical address, hours of operation, etc.
  4. What do previous customers have to say? Client testimonials show that you are confident in your service.
  5. Is this site secure? People want to know that their private information will stop at your organization.
  6. Does your site provide an intuitive navigation system? No consumer is going to take the time to wade through a difficult site; they will just go to the next one.
  7. Are the necessary steps clearly outlined? Once your customer makes the decision to do business with you, they immediately want to know what happens next. Think about such minute things as shipping, delivery dates, etc.
  8. Does this company want feedback from me? Again, people want to know that their opinions as your customer are valued. Plus, you can use these evaluations as a way to solidify your already good service or to make improvements.
  9. Where is the clear call for action? Are the “Buy It Now” or “Click Here for More Information” buttons easily found?
  10. What are the special offers? Percentage-off sales are great, but consumers also appreciate free shipping or gift wrap.

Special care to these ten items will make your site a true favorite of customers the world over. It’s a vast world though, so make certain to take one last important step by examining your organic search ranking. No matter how wonderful your online facet, if your listing is the twentieth, very few people will wade through to find you.

According to Edikon, “If you optimize, they will come”.  Search Engine Optimization is the process of ensuring that your well-designed site is seen by as many eyes as possible.  You work hard to create your product, your site works hard to illuminate that product for the world, and your search engine ranking number should work hard to put both in front of the consumer.

Don’t leave your search engine ranking up to fate any longer. Contact us today to begin your ascent.

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