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Getting Started with Google Webmaster Tools

As website owners and operators, we all want nothing less than the maximum possible number of visits to our web sites. Webmasters typically focus on making sure their site design is up to snuff and that they have gotten the content just about right. Then of course, comes the big one: making sure your site is search engine friendly. But how do you know how friendly your site is?

Many a daring soul has declared, “I am a friendly person”, only to later find through introspection or friendly advice, that the joke you always tell new acquaintances is not quite as friendly as you thought. This would be a terrible start in any relationship. But what if you had a monitoring device that let you know when you were doing the right thing and following all the rules for friendly behavior?   This, in effect, is what Google has available to all web masters for free.

Google Webmaster Tools offers all web masters a sure fire way of keeping track of their sites in order to be sure they are being as friendly as possible.  If you are embarking on the process of improving your search engine optimization, it’s a must.

We found this video introduction for getting started with Google Webmaster Tools that we think you should take the time to view. It’s quite easy to follow and will teach you the basics that you need to know.

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