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E-Commerce Development Trends to Watch

The worldwide e-commerce market is expected to produce $1 trillion in revenue by 2014, with online purchases making up 54% of all retail sales.  A significant portion of this business is going mobile.  In the U.S. alone, mobile commerce revenues are expected to hit $18 billion by 2014.  As more consumers turn to mobile shopping, retailers are being forced to optimize their websites for mobile or be left behind.  Here are some other e-commerce development trends to watch: The strength of small business.  In brick-and-mortar stores, small independent retailers can find themselves outmatched by national chains and large retailers.  Online, however, small businesses have a more level playing field.  Small stores have the advantage of not being burdened with outdated organizational structures and compartmentalization that make it difficult to adapt to ecommerce trends.  Small businesses who can position themselves in a specific niche and offer unique, individualized products can have tremendous success online. The challenges of shipping.  E-commerce means that anyone can place an order from anywhere at any time.  This can strain supply lines, especially as more consumers demand next day delivery and free shipping.  Successful online retailers need to be able to ship the right order to the right customer at the right time—and do it cheaply.

Reputation Management

As the numbers of consumers participating in social media networks skyrockets, it’s become a matter of a few clicks for customers to get customer feedback on businesses in real time.  A quick search of Twitter or YouTube can yield more information than anyone wanted to know on customer experiences with a particular store—good and bad.  Successful e-commerce retailers need to find ways for the conversation to be about them in a good way.  Good customer service and logistics will reap rewards.  As for bad experiences—well, remember what happened when the FedEx guy threw the computer monitor?

Third-party e-commerce developers

As e-commerce sales grow, more Internet startups are looking to third-party experts to help them optimize their e-commerce solutions.  Industry experts can help retailers streamline their performance and stay on top of rapidly changing trends. Edikon is proud to be your e-commerce development solution. Get in touch with us to learn more about our integrated e-commerce solutions.

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