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Don’t Make These Mistakes in Ecommerce Development

The advent of the mini mall in the 1970s was as revolutionary to the shopping experience as ecommerce sites are today. If your business’ consumers are going to look for you online, then you had better know the essential elements of effective ecommerce development.

If your site does not meet the expectations of your customers, then they are entirely likely to simply click and leave. To make certain that your virtual store meets all of your shoppers’ expectations, avoid the six things that consumers hate about ecommerce sites.

  • According to a Stanford Study, 42% of consumers do not trust a website that falls victim to poor graphic design.  Carefully consider the images you use, the colors you select, and the general visual appeal to the entire site.
  • Your customer loves the ability to peruse your goods or services online, but when they want to connect with a live person, they want to do so immediately.  If a site does not clearly provide contact information or if no one returns their communication, shoppers will not bother to visit your site again.
  • Online shoppers also despise spending their valuable time sorting through products because the company did not do so adequately itself.  Be sure that your offerings are logically organized in an understandable manner.
  • Sites that do not provide a general search function are also pet peeves for today’s consumer.  Many of your customers want the ability to just enter their desired item into your site’s search engine.  Those online stores that don’t offer this option send many shoppers packing prior to any purchase.
  • Many businesses make their customers register or login to make a purchase.  They use this ruse to gather consumer information, but it angers many shoppers who will leave your site to avoid entering their personal information.
  • The use of substandard grammar makes a company appear unprofessional and unconcerned about the little details.  Make sure that you have really proofread all that is on your site.

Considering these undesirable items when designing your ecommerce site is essential to entice and keep your customers coming back.  It’s also helpful to have the expertise of a firm that specializes in planning, building, and deploying your online store.

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