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Don’t Just List Your Website – Search Optimize It!

Your website is online and ready to receive visitors, but how will your visitors find you? Gone are the days of overused keywords, sneaky redirects, and paying exorbitant prices for search engine listing companies with empty promises of putting your site at the top. In fact, Google ignores or even penalizes websites that use such techniques. The buzz phrase of the millennium is Search Engine Optimization or SEO. But what exactly is SEO and just how can you assure your website is using it to its full advantage.

SEO is the process that enables websites to improve search engine rankings through the use of keywords. With two recent updates, Google has changed the way it indexes websites. One such update, called Panda, targets sites with duplicate content and spammers who scrape content. The Penguin update looks at a website’s backlinks to check if they are low quality or use sponsored links, links in footers, links from directories, or links from link exchange pages. Such links are seen as spammy-looking to Google.

So just how does a website owner search optimize their website for the best search engine placement? The first factor to consider is keyword phrases. In a recent MarketWatch article, Jessie Topper, Bop Design SEO Director, states to “think of your target keywords as your roadmap to success. Your target keywords should not only reflect the products or services your business offers, but they should be keywords that are actually searched for on the web.”

But just because you have the best keywords, doesn’t mean your site will instantly appear at the top of the search engines. Now the job becomes properly integrating them into the site. Some effective ways of doing this are creating headings with the keywords, integrating the keywords into the content 3-4 times, and setting up links using the most important content from the homepage and setting up links within the internal web pages.

Once you are done with the keywords on the site, then the attention should be turned to off-page optimization by linking the website to local listings, directories, blog articles, and social media accounts that are related to the website.

Don’t expect SEO of your website to happen overnight. It is a process that can take an average of 3-4 months to see the results of your efforts. Also, effective SEO depends on how well the website is optimized, how optimized your competition is, and the parameters of the search engine used.

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