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Search Engine Optimization – If You Optimize, They Will Come

Today’s consumer is eager to find their goods and services online. Many customers even base their purchasing decisions on the availability, quality, and ease of a company’s site. According to Business on Main, there are 10 questions that weigh heavily on … Continue reading

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SEO Mistakes to Avoid

There are SEO Mistakes to Avoid and are plenty of ideas on how to increase your search engine ranking.  It is often too easy to get going on SEO without a proper plan or guideline, creating mistakes that later become … Continue reading

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What Role Does DMOZ Play in Search Engine Rankings?

We see some websites in our niche ranked No. 1 and the only reason is because they are in DMOZ as their content is at best poor. Getting into DMOZ is impossible nowadays, so why does Google still use it? … Continue reading

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Creating Great Diagrams for Slides

Anyone can create diagrams and illustrate information more clearly in slide presentations.  We found a great presentation that puts together some essential guidelines for things like choosing font size, shapes, color, and more. The great thing about these guidelines is … Continue reading

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Getting Started with Google Webmaster Tools

As website owners and operators, we all want nothing less than the maximum possible number of visits to our web sites. Webmasters typically focus on making sure their site design is up to snuff and that they have gotten the … Continue reading

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