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Securing against WordPress Brute Force Attacks

You may be aware of a change we made to our servers this week in order to globally protect from WordPress Brute Force Attacks. This change means that just before accessing your WordPress login page, you are greeted with a popup asking you for … Continue reading

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Heartbleed: What You Need to Know

Heartbleed is the nickname for a critical vulnerability discovered in some versions of OpenSSL, one of the most popular SSL libraries used in a number of open source products. The heartbleed.com website has been setup to provide more information about this bug … Continue reading

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E-Commerce Development Trends to Watch

The worldwide e-commerce market is expected to produce $1 trillion in revenue by 2014, with online purchases making up 54% of all retail sales.  A significant portion of this business is going mobile.  In the U.S. alone, mobile commerce revenues are expected … Continue reading

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Creating Great Diagrams for Slides

Anyone can create diagrams and illustrate information more clearly in slide presentations.  We found a great presentation that puts together some essential guidelines for things like choosing font size, shapes, color, and more. The great thing about these guidelines is … Continue reading

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Getting Started with Google Webmaster Tools

As website owners and operators, we all want nothing less than the maximum possible number of visits to our web sites. Webmasters typically focus on making sure their site design is up to snuff and that they have gotten the … Continue reading

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