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7 Tips on E-commerce Development

A lot of work has gone into your e-commerce development, and now you’re ready to launch the website. But are you?

According to Drew Barton, CEO of Atlanta-based Southern Web Group, with these “7 Tips for E-Commerce”, you can achieve many e-commerce objectives, such as low bounce rates and increasing SEO by using the top search words for your product or service; a summary of those Big 7 include:

Well-Crafted Product Descriptions
Think 75 to 200 words; it’s also include all those neat, nitty-gritty factoids that every online shopper hungers for—size, shipping and weight. But don’t forget to throw in info “such as the compatibility of a replacement product or the size of an article of clothing,” for example.

High Quality Photographs
Gotta think out of the box, around the box and different angles: Don’t just use a single photo, and make sure the photo is pro-looking… and large: “Large photos will reduce questions and returns from customers.”

Accessible Policies
Don’t think for a minute that the “FAQ” page is not important; it’s your chance to keep customers happy, reduce the number of times customers may have to contact you about questions that are covered; overall, “product returns” can be kept to a minimum with a “prominent display” of your company’s policies and procedures.

A Strong Analytics Program
You need to monitor what “page your customers exit from…” and keep bounce rate to a minimum—the latter is how much time the customer spends on a given web page before they move on.

Contact Information Clearly Posted
Is your contact tab on the last page of your site?  It’s recommended to place it on “every single page.” Also, by showing your “physical address, fax number, phone and email address” gives your company a strong, credible brand.

Strong Search Functionality
Use Google Keyword Tool or WordTracker to keep you up on all the “leading search terms” for your given products and service.

Clear Call-to-Action Buttons
If you’re asking your reader to “download, buy now or order here” don’t wait until the last page to ask for the order. Consider putting this closing call on every  page of your web site.

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